In April 2017, Michigan State University implemented an enterprise-level research administration system, Kuali Coeus or KC, to manage sponsored projects throughout their lifecycle. The system manages grant proposals submitted to or funded by external (non-MSU) sources, both at the pre-award and award stages. The system also manages the submission and review of financial conflict of interest disclosures. KC enables researchers to create funding proposals, route proposals for approval, and in some instances, electronically submit proposals to a funding agency. The system captures data in a central repository to facilitate future submissions and reporting.
Click is a research compliance management system. At MSU, it will manage IRB, IACUC, and EHS compliance activities. This Huron software product is currently in use at several peer institutions, including University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Rutgers University, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Wisconsin. See Click Compliance System
At this time the College of Human Medicine Research Office is only able to assist in finding research opportunities for current CHM medical students. Many MSU undergraduate research opportunities may be found at: