Find a Funding Opportunity.

Is MSU an eligible institution?

If yes, send link to the funding opportunity to
If not, move on to another opportunity.

Is the RFP institutionally limited?

If yes, work with Research Office and follow these guidelines:

When is the proposal due?

Work with Research Office to establish a proposal timeline following the MSU Sponsored Programs Administration proposal submission deadline policy:

Does the sponsor require cost share?

If so, how much? Where will this money come from?
This requires extra time and approvals, please start early.

Does the sponsor allow indirect cost recovery (IDC)?

If not, is the Department Chair in support of pursuing a grant that does not provide IDC?

Is this proposal a submission or other?

Send the following information to Research Office:

  • PI name
  • Department
  • Names and Role of others involved (co-Investigators, Key Personnel, Staff, etc)
  • Budget needs
  • RFA#
  • Due date

A Health Colleges Research Services research administrator will be assigned to work with you. They will begin communication with you and set a proposal timeline to meet the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) proposal submission deadline. They will work with OSP to finalize the proposal document in Kuali Coeus.
Once budget needs are sent, a draft budget will be started for your review based on the solicitation requirements and agency guidelines.

Guidelines for International Research Projects