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Article Guidelines

College of Human Medicine Research Newsletter Article Guidelines

Following are some helpful guidelines to assist you in preparing articles for the College of Human Medicine Research Newsletter.

Topics: Topics typically included in the research newsletter are new grant announcements, completed grant findings, links to grant updates, research-specific awards and events. Upcoming events will be promoted in the Research Events listing with links to additional information. Some post-event coverage may be included based on space available. If you are unsure if your topic is appropriate for the research newsletter, please contact our office for assistance. Please note that all news items included must be research-related and have some affiliation with the College of Human Medicine. Individuals with CHM affiliation should be made bold in the draft.

Format: When possible, please submit a draft of the article (see examples below for recommended writing style).

Content: In general, articles should explain "Who, What, When, and Where." If additional clarification is needed, adding "Why" the project or award is important may be helpful. Providing a link to additional information is helpful in allowing those who want to learn more about "How" something was done.

Length: Provided below are some recommendations on the maximum article length based on article type:

  • New Grant Awards or Completed Grant Findings (maximum 250 words along with link to additional information). General updates regarding grants will be included in the Research Update column with a link to additional information.
  • Research Awards (maximum 150 words along with link to additional information).
  • Student Abstracts (maximum 100 words along with link to additional information - if available)

Please note that all items are subject to final review and edit by the newsletter's Editorial Committee. Authors will be notified of significant revisions.


Thank you for your assistance with the CHM Research Newsletter. Submissions can be sent to If you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to the CHM Research email above, or contact me by email at or by phone at (517) 896-5706.