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College of Human Medicine

In the recent months, MSU faculty, staff, and students have been actively involved in putting our time and expertise to use to help the residents of Flint as they respond to the water crisis. This questionnaire is a way for us to build a database of these activities so that MSU administration has a real-time snapshot of the many ways MSU is involved in Flint.

The information in this database will provide MSU administration with information they can use for planning and for seeking additional funding. In addition, it will provide a means to facilitate linkages among our university community, with other universities, and Flint community agencies and groups that need specific expertise.

By providing information about your Flint-related activities, your work will be recognized as part of MSU’s impact on Flint. It will also give us the ability to forward potential collaboration, research, and service opportunities to you.

Contact Joan Ilardo, PhD, Director of Research Initiatives, MSU College of Human Medicine if you would like information from this Flint Response database.

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