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Resources to Conduct Research

A Roadmap to Choosing and Interpreting Statistical Tests
Bias and Causal Associations
Case Control Studies
Choosing and Interpreting Statistical Tests
Cohort Studies
Descriptive Studies
Dilution of Power
Experimental Study Design
Forming Research Questions
Guidelines for Constructing a Survey
Good Practice in the Conduct and Reporting of Survey Research
Overview of Clinical Research
Screening Tests
Surveys: An Introduction
Unequal Group Size

Case Studies:
Community of Science (COS) : A tool for finding researchers and collaborators. COS is the leading Internet site for the global R&D community. It brings together scientists and researchers from more than 1,600 universities, corporations and government agencies worldwide and provides tools that enable them to find each other, link up and communicate. Tools include COS Expertise® which is a database of detailed, first person profiles of more than 480,000 R&D professionals, COS Funding Opportunities™, one of the largest sources of grant information on the Web, and the ability to generate documents such as biosketches. COS is a privately held company. MSU is a member. Researchers can access COS services by establishing a personal COS Workbench at

Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects (CRISP) is a searchable database of federally funded biomedical research projects conducted at universities, hospitals, and other research institutions.

Glossaries of Commonly used Research Terms:
Glossary of Common Statistical Terms
Glossary of Research Terms
Glossary of NIH Terms - Definitions of NIH terms
NIH Acronym List - Full Names of NIH acronyms and abbreviations

Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started
Types of Research
MSU Library Electronic Resources

New Investigators:
Research funding; Tips for new NIH Grant Applicants
Support for New Investigators
Questions and Answers
All about Grants Tutorial
Information for New Grantees - NIH "Welcome Wagon" Letter"

NIH Funding Mechanisms – Types of Grant Programs:
Funding Program

Posters using Power Point Guidelines:
GRMEP:Poster Guide

Proposal and Grant Writing:
Proposal Writing Short Course – The Foundation Center
Quick Guide for Grant Applications – National Cancer Institute
Grant Writing Tips Sheets - Links to Web sites with grant writing tips
Grant Applications and the Review Process>
All about Grants Tutorial Grant Workshops Sponsored by the Michigan State University Library CONFERENCES, MEETINGS, AND WORKSHOPS PubMed

Research Guides including Research Project Outlines:
Survival Guide to GRMERC Research
The Research Assistant - Resources for Behavioral Sciences Researchers
Advice to Investigators Submitting Clinical Research Applications
Resource Page for NIH Applications – Sample Page

Research Project Outlines:
GRMERC: Outline
The Research Assistant - Resources for Behavioral Sciences Researchers

Statistics Guides:
Choosing and Interpreting Statistical Tests
Choosing Stats Tests and Methods - Diagram
Glossary of Common Statistical Terms
Types of Research