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The role of the Research Administrator in the College of Human Medicine Departments and/or units is an important one. The College of Human Medicine relies heavily on the research expertise of our faculty to help achieve our research goals as well as to contribute to the overall contribution of research that MSU makes to society in general. Research Administrators play an important part in this process by assisting faculty in the development and submission of successful proposals designed to help fund research and by serving as the Dept. level post award manager to assist our researchers in making sure all activity related to sponsored programs is consistent with MSU, Sponsor, and especially Federal compliance rules.

MSU Research Administration Certification Program

The schedule for the new 2012 MSU RA Certification Program is soon to be posted. As soon as it is finalized, the direct link to it will be listed here so interested RA staff can sign up.

Functions of the CHM Research Administrators, Pre- and Post-Award:

The actual tasks that our Research Administrators engage in can be as varied as the research projects underway here at MSU. In general, the functions of the Research Administrator can be summarized into several broad areas (the links located on the left of this page) related to pre- and post-award activities.

Essentials of Research Administration at MSU Certificate Series

On-campus training for Research Administrators and other support staff who have responsibilities for research proposals, grants, contracts, pre- and post-award administration and related activities at Michigan State University. Learn More

Helpful Hints:

The Research Office is here to assist our Research Administrators in whatever way is necessary to assure that research activity continues without problems. Please feel free to contact Sally Harris at or 1-(517) 353-7217 if you have any questions.