Proposal Budget Preparation Assistance

Assisting in the preparation of the budget is, perhaps, the most important contribution that our Research Administrators can make to the success of research. Fortunately, there are many resources to help you be successful at this task. Working together as a team with your Faculty Researcher is the most efficient way to get the proposal out the door. This Check List Tool may prove to be useful to help get the necessary information down on paper as you work through the process.

Once you are familiar with the tools available at MSU to help in the preparation of a grant budget, your faculty members will become dependent on you to assist in this step of the pre-award process. There are many models available to help in the preparation of a project budget. Check the grant submission package for the specifics of the grant budget requirements of the sponsor. The major categories in a typical project budget include:

  • Personnel (salaries, fringes)
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Students
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Travel
  • Consultants
  • Sub Contracts
  • Direct Cost Calculation
  • Modified Direct Cost Calculation
  • Indirect Cost Calculation

Consult the NIH website

The NIH website is an incredible source of helpful information related to:

  • Funding grant opportunities.
  • Learning about the specific requirements of a funding opportunity.
  • Learning the step by step process for preparing the grant application package.

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