1. Sousa Named Interim Dean
  2. Study Aims to Reduce Suicides After Jail Time, $6.8M Grant Awarded
  3. $5.67M Grant Helps Researchers Identify Early Signs of Alzheimer’s
  4. MSU Researchers Discover New TB Treatment Using Glaucoma Medication
  5. Era of Discovery Begins with Groundbreaking of New MSU Research Center
  6. Paruchuri Receives Public Health Award

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  • Helping Stroke Patients Transition from Hospital to Home
  • MSU Researchers Awarded Grant to Help Silence Parkinson’s Disease
  • Low Vitamin D May Play Role in Suicide Attempts
  • Abnormal Properties of Cancer Protein Revealed in Fly Eyes
  • REPID Program Is Bringing Diversity to Health Care
  • MSU College of Human Medicine Debuts Expansion in Downtown Flint
  • New Research Indicates Statin Drugs Must Be Taken Properly  
  • Latest Medical Student Research Journal Released
  • & More
  • First-ever View of Protein Structure May Lead to Better Anxiety Drugs
  • What’s Happening with Your Donated Specimen?
  • Michigan Autoworkers Fare Worse When it Comes to the Heart
  • Mom's Exercise Habits Good for Blood Pressure in Kids
  • Board of Trustees Approve MSU Grand Rapids Research Center
  • Division of Public Health Established, Sienko Named Director
  • Office of Research Summer Scholarship Winners Announced
  • &More

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  • Kicking the Habit Among Mentally Ill
  • Preventing Brain Damage in Cardiac Arrest Crises
  • Estimating Baby’s Size Gets More Precise
  • Dean Rappley Honored for Achievements in Education and Research in Healthcare
  • C.S. Mott Foundation Grant Fuels Flint Expansion of Public Health Program
  • MSU’s College of Human Medicine; Public Health Program
  • Office of Research Summer Student Scholarships Announced
  • & More