RBT Training Program

Research Basics Training Program Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

The Office of Research partnered with the Graduate Medical Education, Inc. (GMEI) to develop a Research Basics Training Program (RBT) geared toward early investigators including CHM students, graduate medical education trainees, CHM faculty, CHM-affiliated clinicians across the state.

The RBT Program is geared toward learners who have time constraints due to heavy academic or clinical schedules. It provides online modules that include powerpoints with audio lecture, assessments, background articles, and links to other resources accessed though MSU's D2L courseware system.

The specific objectives of the RBT Program are to:

  • Provide introductory training on core research skills that recognizes the unique learning needs of each individual and unit.
  • Increase research productivity.

The Research Basics Training Program Core Modules
The RBT Program has 8 core modules covering basic research methods topics. When taken in sequence, the modules lead the participants through a learning experience that starts with clinicians' need to understand the basics of the research process all the way through dissemination of findings. The 8 core RBT modules are:

  • Research and Clinical Practice: Significance, Practicality, and Evidence-based Practice
  • Research Basics: Core Steps
  • Conducting Literature Searches and Reviews
  • Developing a Research Design and Plan
  • Human Research Protections from an Ethical Perspective
  • Sampling and Data Analysis
  • Data Collection, Management, and Protection
  • Disseminating Research Findings

Access to RBT Online is limited to those affiliated with the MSU College of Human Medicine. Please contact Mark Trottier (mark.trottier@hc.msu.edu) if you would like access or information.

CHM Residency and Fellowship Programs
RBT can be used to augment research training in residency and fellowship programs. Program directors should contact Mark Trottier, PhD (mark.trottier@hc.msu.edu) for more information.


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