Managing Post - Award Grants

The following is a partial list of some of the tasks involved in post award management:

Account Types
There are several types of accounts that are set up by the Contracts and Grants Administration to provide funds for a project.

Effort Reporting
Effort reports are required by federal regulation under OMB Circular A-21. The purpose of the effort report is to verify that the percent of salaries charged or cost shared on a project are as they were outlined in the original agreement with the sponsor. The Contracts and Grants Administration link on effort reporting explains the process in greater detail.

Project Reporting
It is essential that reports back to the sponsor in funded projects be submitted according to the original timeline set forth in the award agreement. This can include financial reporting that details the spending that has taken place over a particular time period and/or a progress report that provides an update to the sponsor. As a Research Administrator, you can assist your faculty member by setting up a calendar that indicates important dates, identifies lead time reminders and, in general, helps them keep their projects in order. Each sponsor and each project may have its own reporting guidelines. It is suggested that at the time a project is awarded, the specific reporting requirements for each project be noted and a reminder system set up.

Overall basic policies
The MSU Board of Trustees has provided a statement of basic research and creative endeavors policy that provides an excellent foundation for Research Administrators to understand the University's expectations when a researcher takes on a project. This statement can provide an excellent foundation of understanding for you as a Research Administrator when you are reviewing paperwork, assisting faculty with the various aspects of post award management.

Cost Sharing
Cost sharing is that portion of total project costs that are paid from sources other than the sponsor.