Research Vision and Mission:

Promote top-quality research support to the College of Human Medicine Research community. The office identifies opportunities for funding and facilitates the activities of individual and collaborative research projects. We provide excellent grant and clinical trial management by responding to basic and specialized funding opportunities covering many granting agencies.

Research Office Responsibilities:

The office, under the direction of Dr. Walt Esselman, oversees the research effort in the departments and divisions in the College of Human Medicine, the research relationships with the MSU Office of the Vice President for Research, and with other colleges at the university. The functions of the Office of Research are:
  • Recruiting of research faculty
  • Pre-award grant submission
  • Matching students seeking research experience with faculty mentors
  • Clinical trial submission and clinician researcher support
  • Providing metrics for strategic planning and reporting
  • Coordinating research space assignment and analysis
  • Prioritize "limited submission" grant proposals and bridge funding requests to submit to the Office for Vice President for Research & Innovation

Among the primary goals are to provide pre-award grant submission support for the departments and divisions in the college. This effort is managed by a staff of grants management experts who ensure rapid submission and regulatory compliance. The office also aids in recruiting and startup needs of new faculty for the college, as well as for bridging funding. An additional important role is to provide medical students the opportunity to perform research projects under faculty mentorship.