Research Vision and Mission:

Michigan State University conducts world-class research, which has been recognized by the American Association of Universities, since 1961. As a land-grant institution, MSU is committed to creating, applying, and disseminating knowledge to the people of Michigan, the United States, and the world. Therefore, research conducted by the MSU College of Human Medicine physicians, scientists, and mentored-students is essential for making discoveries, using proven results in practical environments, and sharing evidence-based results through peer-reviewed publications and professional presentations. Research informs and transforms both our teaching and clinical environments.

Through research, College of Human Medicine physicians and scientists endeavor to find solutions to prevent, control, and treat diseases; and to promote physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Clinical research that can be practically applied, and foundational science research that discovers components and mechanisms of human biology and disease, are integrated throughout the College and University via its collaboration-promoting environment.

As a community-based, inclusive medical school, the College of Human Medicine has the privilege of providing evidenced-based knowledge to campuses throughout the State.

Research Office Responsibilities:

The office, under the direction of Dr. Walt Esselman, oversees the research effort in the departments and divisions in the College of Human Medicine, the research relationships with the MSU Office of the Vice President for Research, and with other colleges at the university. The functions of the Office of Research are:

  • Recruiting new research faculty and assisting in their start up provisions.
  • Providing pre-award grant submission and regulatory compliance service to the College.
  • Matching students seeking research experience with faculty mentors
  • Providing metrics for strategic planning and reporting
  • Coordinating research space assignment and analysis
  • Prioritizing "limited submission" grant proposals and bridge funding requests to submit to the Office for Vice President for Research & Innovation