October 26 - November 1, 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline - September 22, 2022 at 11:59pm

Submit abstracts here: ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM


Video recording requirements and tips:  

- Poster presentations should be 3-5 minutes in length

- Please create an MP4 file of your recording.  Options for recording include:

-- Record narration directly in PowerPoint - CLICK HERE for a tutorial and instructions

-- Record using Kaltura Capture in MediaSpace - https://mediaspace.msu.edu/help (go to "How do I add media using Kaltura Capture?")

-- Other options such as standalone software like Camtasia

- Please introduce yourself at the start of your presentation.  (e.g. "My name is ____. I am a 3rd year medical student...")




Welcome to the 2nd Annual CHM Fall Virtual Scholarly Activity Symposium! We will have 7 live presentations starting at 1pm on October 21, followed by recorded poster presentations available for viewing from Oct. 21 - 28, 2021. See below for more information.

Live Oral Presentations

Presentation Schedule - Link

October 21, 2021, 1:00-3:00pm

Link to presentations: Virtual oral presentations


October 21-28, 2021


This is a virtual event in which presenters have pre-recorded 3-5 minute video presentations of their posters.Our presenters are medical students and residents from around the state of Michigan, presenting research, quality improvement, reviews, and case reports. Some of our presentations are "works-in-progress", which will allow our presenters to get feedback from the community on study design, methods, etc.

The Abstract Booklet can be found here:

Link to Abstract Booklet

In the booklet you will find a list of all study titles with authors, followed in subsequent pages with abstracts for each presentation.

Viewing Recorded Presentations

Below you will find the presentations as recorded by our presenters. For most presentations, there is a video recording and a pdf version of the poster. In some cases, there is no poster pdf available. Click "link to video" to view the presentation.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on the video page itself. Presenters have been instructed to check their presentations periodically and respond to any questions.





Comments and questions

Feel free to offer comments on videos that you view. Most videos are hosted in MSU Mediaspace, so to make a comment or ask a question on the video page, you will have to log in to Mediaspace with your MSU NetID and password. See "Comments" section below the video.

There are a handful of videos that are hosted in Vimeo, if you would like to comment on these, you will need a Vimeo account.

If you would like to avoid logging in and out of various sites, many of our presenters have provided their email address so you can contact them directly. Alternatively, you may send comments or questions to the Symposium organizers, and we will make sure they get to the presenters. Please contact Mark Trottier (trottie1@msu.edu) or Angie Zell (zell@msu.edu) with the number of the presentation and the comments/questions.


Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy viewing this year's presentations.